Sunday, October 20, 2013

JFBC.... Loving on the Missionaries

JFBC = Johnson Ferry Baptist Church = A GREAT TEAM!

The team from JFBC came in September and spent 5 days teaching our house moms, aunties and ladies of the surrounding villages a program called “Mother Wise” and “Tiny Tykes and Tunes” for the non school age kids so that mom could attend!  It was a great time for them and everyone was sad when the week was done.  

They also loved on us missionaries as well!  

We had an evening of food and socializing... great fun!

Linda and Julie came prepared to cut hair... a great blessing as it can be hard to find someone here that is good at cutting mzungu hair.  Case in point, a few weeks after we arrived Tom went to Jinja to have his hair cut.  I have not see his hair that short since boot camp!!  Instead of just taking an inch off, they only left about an eighth of an inch!!! Took from June 24ish to Sept for him to grow enough back to need a trim!

Lori & Terri painted the ladies nails... I loved my color bright blue with lime green polkadot!

They also brought hair bands and bobs for the girls...

Thank you for blessing us with a fun night!


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  1. You all look so good! Hope you got the pic I sent of Drew's babies.
    everyone in the morning at s'bucks send love!