Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Aaron and Hur

Well,  it has been some time since I posted...  not because there has been nothing to write about, far from it there is so much to write about I couldn't focus...

The past several days I have been reminded of how God always provides what we need through the verse in Exodus 17:12.  Moses had to hold up his staff, but when his arms grew weary, Aaron and Hur were there to help.  God didn't call Moses alone to that hill top, Aaron and Hur went with him.  They were his support team.  

We know that God has not called us to journey alone to GSF.  First and foremost He is with us and has preceded us and prepared the way.  He also has prepared people to be our Aaron's & Hur's along the way.  What a comfort to know that we never have to do anything in our own strength.

Over the past months we have had so many people come along side us to encourage, offer many forms of support and just love us.

Our Mission Pastor and his wife.  Lynn and Judy Everswick

Mark and Amy Gwartney

In September, the Gwartney's came to visit for a few days.  We were able to go with them as they shared with a church about the ministry of GSF.  Then we sat and talked about the future and how our coming to GSF, along with other new missionaries would lighten the work load on them and others there.  

Bob and Carolyn Jacobson

The Jacobson's, former m's at GSF, now serving in Jinja, Uganda have been a blessing.  They were at the same life stage as we are now, when God called them to GSF.  Such a blessing they are to us.

In November, Westover held its annual missions conference, known as Fall Global Celebration.  We were presented to the congregation, attended devotions and spent time with other missionaries serving around the world.  Tom and I learned so much from the other m's.  We also had the blessing of sharing our ministry to many small groups.  These groups prayed for us and encouraged us in ways to numerous to list.

Tom and I look forward to the coming month! Thanks to some old and new friends we will have the opportunity to share the ministry of GSF.  Praise God for providing these friends who believe in us and the ministry.

New friends, Steve and Gracie

Thank you for continuing to walk with us.