Saturday, January 2, 2016

The way it goes in is the way it comes out...

Imagine with me you are a teen ager again... Ugh I know... why am I asking you to do that?!  Well this is about laundry not teen age angst.

Do you remember your mother saying over and over and over "Turn your cloths right side out to be washed"?  Then it be came the litany of "The way it goes in is the way it will come out!" Then it became... "Ok that is it! You are doing your OWN laundry"  I use to dread hearing those words...  and was thinking about that today as I was loading the machine today and hanging laundry to dry. Those memories actually brought a smile to my face.  Here in Uganda you purposely turn your cloths inside out to dry on the line or they will fade so fast... then the inside will be the "pretty color"!

Not requiring Tom to turn his cloths "right side out" sure has save me from sounding like my mother and his!! AND a lot of frustration, Thank you bright equitorial cloths fading sun! 

Another benefit to bright sun and line drying is that it saves you a lot of money on exfoliation body scrubs!  The towels are so stiff and scratchy that you don't need to use the scrubs.

Have fun today and find joy and simple pleasures in everyday moments.

Be encouraged