Saturday, November 28, 2015

What I wouldn't give...

I have been thinking lately about the use of my words.  I feel we often use words or phrases glibly not really thinking about what we are saying.

What I wouldn’t give…

Do you use that phrase?  I do.

What  I wouldn’t give for a Harris Teeter grocery store.

What I wouldn’t give to have a #7 mini sub from my favorite sub shop back home.

What I wouldn’t give for my old house.

What I wouldn’t give for rules to be obeyed!

What I wouldn’t give to stop the suffering of others. 

What I wouldn’t give for my friends and family to be “safe”.

What I wouldn’t give to have the right words all the time. 

What I wouldn’t give…. you fill in the blank…

Exactly what would I be willing give to have my old house?  Am I willing to refuse following after God for my own short lived “comfort”?

Exactly what would I be willing to give to have rules obeyed? Am I willing to admit I am disobedient ?  Am I willing to humble myself under the authority of another?

Exactly what would I be willing to do to stop the suffering?  Am I willing to suffer in their place?

Exactly what would I be willing to give for my family and friends to be safe?  Am I willing to die?  Am I willing to die for a stranger?  

Exactly what would you be willing to give…?

Do you wonder if God ever asked himself that question?  

What I wouldn’t give to have an eternally restored relationship with my children.

What I wouldn’t give to heal their brokenness.

What I wouldn’t give to express my unending love for them.

What I wouldn’t give to express my mercy and compassion towards them. 

The truth is there is nothing that God wouldn’t give… even His first born Son for me… John 3:16-17

God expressed his love for me… Romans 5:8

Jesus gave up his home for me… Philippians 2:5-8

Jesus willingly submitted to the authority and will of God… John 6:38, 

Jesus died for me while I was still a stranger to him…Romans 5:6-8

Lord, I desire to submit my will to Yours and to serve you without reservation. No matter what you ask me to give.
Be encouraged...

Friday, November 27, 2015

I will put enmity...

So we are in the rainy season here in Uganda.  The grass grows like kudzu grows in the Carolinas... at least an inch per day.

Today, while I was mowing the grass I STEPPED ON A SNAKE!!!! If there is one thing I really hate and I mean hate is a snake.  It brings to mind the verse in Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed...  I am pretty sure I got a double portion of enmity!!

I proceded to call for my husband to seek and destroy.  

After Tom found the snake and decapitated it with a machete and a shovel, he showed it to Rose, who helps us cook.  She said that she thought it was a black mamba... not for sure... I am very grateful for God's protection...anti venom is several hours away. 

Just a few minutes ago I received an iMessage from a dear friend in Greensboro sharing that she had been praying for me all day.  That the Holy Spirit had continued to bring me to mind all day.  Praise God for all of the prayer warriors He hedges us in with.  Thank you Susan for being so sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and such a prayer warrior!

Recognize and praise God for his provision and protection.  It is not just a happy coincidence when you are protected or saved from danger, bad situations or provision comes just when you need it.  These things are all from God 

Be encouraged!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Starlight in the Morning Part 2

I first wrote about Jaja Jennifer on Feb 23 in my post  Starlight in the morning.  I want to update you on the condition of her house now.  

In February we were very concerned about her and the condition of her house because rainy season was about to start. GSF hosts many teams through out the year and I asked the team coming from Grace Baptist Church from Camden Arkansas if they would be willing to help us provide Jaja Jennifer a new roof. Boy did they come through!!! 

They did supply the financial resources to make the repairs to Jaja Jennifer's house, but more importantly they had a great time bonding with her and the maintenance team from GSF that volunteered to server their neighbor in this way.  

Taking off the old 

Preparing for the new

New trusses being cut

and going up...

While the men were working the ladies were also enjoying time with Jennifer and her neighbors.  

Then ladies went on a prayer walk through the village with Penlope, GSF's Outreach Social Worker, who first brought Jaja Jennifer's need to my attention.  They met with many of Jaja Jennifer's neighbors and had the opportunity to share the gospel with several.  One of the ladies they spoke with made the decision to make Christ, Lord of her life.  


We did not complete the job in one day as we had hoped and had to leave one section of her home open... our worst fear happened...IT RAINED!! Upon returning to her house the next morning, we found her all smiles, she was praising God for holding the rain until day light so she could see to cover her belonging with the tarps.  I was so humbled by her joy, gratefulness and thankfulness.

No more starlight in the night!! 

Praise God for his love and care of the widow and orphan through Grace Baptist Church.  

Not only did this team bless Jaja Jennifer, there was just enough excess material to re-secure panels and cover the roof ridge on her neighbor's house.  When the iron sheets were put on this house a gap was left at the peak.  She had done the best she could to stop water from coming in by stuffing the cracks with old cloths, bark cloth, old bags.. basically anything she could.

She now has a dry house for her and her three children.  

Thank you Wesley, Travis, Kim, Debbie, Darlene, Misti, Sonya, Buster, Ethan, Sabrena, Tammy and Bethany!! God used used you, your church and supporters in mighty ways.

Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress..  James 1:27

Be encouraged!