Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Grossly Fascinating

So....I arrive at the guest house today to make sure preparations for the arrival of our fist team of 2015 was on schedule and what do I see?  A tree trunk covered in caterpillars!  

And if you look up you can see the sacks they hatched out of. 

The base of the tree was surrounded by the dead carcasses...

But upon closer inspection they are really quite beautiful... I wonder if those long wispy hairs are really things that will sting? 

All grossly fascinating! 

Friday, March 13, 2015


Do you remember the credit card commercial that would list items purchased then end in the statement ..."Priceless"?

As of March 1 the iY Students have come to reside with Tom and I!  We spent some time at the end of February getting the house set up for them to arrive... see blog post about shopping for furniture

Furniture for their rooms and the student lounge (8 bunk beds, sofa and 2 chairs, desk) ...$934

Supplies (ie mosquito nets, curtains, plates, cups, silverware) and more...$1109

Food (22 lbs of rice, 22 lbs of beans, 11 lbs of posho, 14 loaves of bread, 10 ltrs of milk, 60 eggs, this is not including all the produce consumed... at least 30 lbs in bananas!)... $264

Opportunity to invest in the lives of these young people....PRICELESS!!

Please pray with us as we walk with this group of young people into adulthood.
Pray for each one:

  • First and foremost for their walk with God, that they would truly commit their lives to Him and trust in Him for their future.
  • For the internships they will be starting in the coming week, that it would build confidence and provide good exposure to possible future vocations.
  • For their personal growth as they are challenged to expand their world view and think in new ways.
  • For healing in their lives, many have come from difficult backgrounds.

We thank God for trusting us with this responsibility and are grateful to Steve Brown of New Hope who is mentoring us through the 1st year of iY here in Jinja.

Back Row:  Tom and Sharon
Middle Row: Left to Right:  Eric, Emmanuel (aka Emma) and Jonah
Front Row: Left to Right:  Peace, Aida, Rachel and Jenny

"Investment Year is New Hope Uganda’s intensive one year program for S4 leavers designed to help them develop the skills, knowledge and character necessary for success in further education, future careers and in their personal lives.  The program helps them to become excellent and productive members of their family, community and nation.  We (Tom and Sharon) have partnered with New Hope Uganda to provide this same type program to our S4 leavers at Good Shepherd’s Fold.  
It is designed to help young people in Uganda  develop the skills, knowledge and character necessary for success in further education, future career and in their personal lives, enabling us to raise up future leaders of Uganda and cultural influencers who will take a stand for righteousness and integrity in the business world, the arts, medicine, the political arena, the church, families, their communities and in global issues.

Over 140 young people have completed the Investment Year program in the last 7 years. It has proven to be revolutionary in their lives helping turning many of them into cultural influencers and giving them clear direction for their futures.  

During their I.Y. each student completes three work internships in the field(s) he or she is interested in pursuing in the future. Such experience gives them clarity in their choice of further education and training. These internships also provide excellent experiences and training.

The students are also trained in biblical business principles and each run a small business throughout the year, encouraging them to develop the skills to become self-sufficient. Throughout the year each student receives intensive discipleship and training in life issues and skills. The curriculum is Bible based and the students learn about worldview, personal financial management, business etiquette, writing a C.V. interview skills, Biblical hermeneutics and exegesis, public speaking, and much more. Each student will read the whole of the Bible, as well as being required to read at least eighteen books from a carefully selected list.  

Investment Year stretches the students tremendously and it is truly what it’s name says: a year of investing in our students and preparing them for all God has for them. As they finish their year they enter their future commissioned with clear direction and purpose.  

(Preparing young men and women of integrity and character)
Each student has a mentor who supports  them throughout the year. They are encouraged to journal to develop reflective living. Retreats and regular training are held to help develop men and women of character and integrity.

(To develop a breadth of knowledge from a biblical basis that enables discernment in all things)
Students receive training in recognizing different world views, developing a global perspective and how to read and study the Bible. Through the year each I.Y. student will read a minimum of eighteen books as well as the whole of the Bible.

To equip them do things well and with expertise 
Training is given in Biblical financial stewardship, first-aid, basic computer skills, public speaking, C.V. writing and interview skills. Each student has the opportunity to develop business skills through running their own business."

Thank you for faithfully praying for the ministry God has called us to and for us as we seek to honor Him in all we do.  If you would like to partner with us in the work here in Uganda click on the Global Outreach button above and select us, then click donate.  


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sharon what did you do Tuesday?

Good question... 

5am... Quiet time with God enjoying the cool morning breeze and cups of coffee
7:00 am Dressed and ready to get the day going
8:30 am Devos with iY students 
9:05 Chased iY students (aka sleepyheads) up and down drive to get their blood flowing 
9:10 - 11 am Taught big picture chronology of the Bible to  iY students.

Rest of day... Oversaw food prep, answered emails, directed workers activities... And more...

3pm ish... 
Student A... Auntie Sharon my leg is paining me.. And my stomach... I need tablets.
Me... What kind of pain? Are you feeling ill? 
Student A... No I carried water somehow a far distance at home this weekend. 
Me... Ok so what you are telling r is you have some sore muscles from carrying water on Saturday. Is it getting better or worse? 
Student A... Somehow better.
Me... If it is getting better each day do you really need tablets? 

Student B...Auntie Sharon, my head is paining me, I have malaria, I need test and tablets. 
Me.. Does your body ache?
Student... No 
Me.. Do you have diarrhea?
Student... No
Me... Vomiting?
Student... No
Me... How much water have you drank today?
Student...I have taken a cup of tea...
Me... You need to drink water, it is hot and your headache is most likely from dehydration and not malaria because you don't have more symptoms.  Take these Tylenol with water and have dinner, drink more water and I will check on you after dinner. 

Student... But Auntie, I know I have malaria!  ( they don't like drinking water) 
Me... I will test you after you have had water, dinner and more water.  I will eat humble pie if you test positive.  If positive I will start you on meds.. If negative you will drink 6 cups water tomorrow. 

9:00 pm ish

Test negative! 

Me... To all the students... Lots of joking about how much water this student will be drinking. Lesson.. The body needs water! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Homemade Flour Tortillas

Having Mexican for dinner tomorrow...  Starting a day ahead to get all ingredients prepared. Margaret is rolling out the tortilla and I am cooking! 

YUMMMM!  Just add a little rice, beans pico and mango salsa!