Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sharon what did you do Tuesday?

Good question... 

5am... Quiet time with God enjoying the cool morning breeze and cups of coffee
7:00 am Dressed and ready to get the day going
8:30 am Devos with iY students 
9:05 Chased iY students (aka sleepyheads) up and down drive to get their blood flowing 
9:10 - 11 am Taught big picture chronology of the Bible to  iY students.

Rest of day... Oversaw food prep, answered emails, directed workers activities... And more...

3pm ish... 
Student A... Auntie Sharon my leg is paining me.. And my stomach... I need tablets.
Me... What kind of pain? Are you feeling ill? 
Student A... No I carried water somehow a far distance at home this weekend. 
Me... Ok so what you are telling r is you have some sore muscles from carrying water on Saturday. Is it getting better or worse? 
Student A... Somehow better.
Me... If it is getting better each day do you really need tablets? 

Student B...Auntie Sharon, my head is paining me, I have malaria, I need test and tablets. 
Me.. Does your body ache?
Student... No 
Me.. Do you have diarrhea?
Student... No
Me... Vomiting?
Student... No
Me... How much water have you drank today?
Student...I have taken a cup of tea...
Me... You need to drink water, it is hot and your headache is most likely from dehydration and not malaria because you don't have more symptoms.  Take these Tylenol with water and have dinner, drink more water and I will check on you after dinner. 

Student... But Auntie, I know I have malaria!  ( they don't like drinking water) 
Me... I will test you after you have had water, dinner and more water.  I will eat humble pie if you test positive.  If positive I will start you on meds.. If negative you will drink 6 cups water tomorrow. 

9:00 pm ish

Test negative! 

Me... To all the students... Lots of joking about how much water this student will be drinking. Lesson.. The body needs water! 

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  1. You're doing such a great job loving the kids! Nothing gets by you :) Love you :) Kath