Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Conversation of the day... 

iY Student:  Auntie Sharon do you have a new toothbrush you can give me...mine got spoiled. 

Me: Yes I do, thanks to my sisters and friends back home for giving many supplies to help us help you! 

I go to get the toothbrush and upon return and handoff I ask... "Are you flossing?"

iY student walking away responds... 
"No" then stops and looks back at me and says.." what is that..flossing?"

Me:  Following a moment of amused and stunned silence say... "Well I guess there will be oral hygiene lessons for all very soon!"

The laughter was good but the conversation  re-enforces that Tom and I can't assume a level of knowledge, even the basics like flossing. We are here to teach any and all life skills that we can. 

Thank you for the support and supplies!