Sunday, July 5, 2015

First Puzzle...

Critical thinking skills... We take these for granted, assuming  that everyone has this skill. This is not true in Uganda.  This is on skill set that is not actively taught in the school system.  I want to be careful not to stereotype all people here as not being resourceful, quite the opposite infact.  However many lack the ability to think critically about problems, situations or circumstances.  

One thing I noticed is the simple ability to stack items in an organized fashion, or pack things together so that they fit and take up the least amount of space. That got me to wondering if they could work puzzles or ever had the opportunity to work puzzles.  These simple "games or family past times" is one way we are actually taught critical thinking skills.  

In May, our home church, Westover Church, came and brought many supplies from our "wish list" that would teach and encourage the development of critical thinking skills.  The list included card games, board games, Connect4, chess & checkers, Jenga, and puzzles. 

On Friday nights we have dinner together with the students and Martin, a young man that works for us. This Friday was no different. After a few rounds of the card game DutchBlitz I pulled out a puzzle to work while the everyone else played cards.  Martin immediately became interested and wanted to learn what I was doing. So I talked with him about how to put a puzzle together and worked with him. 

Martin was so proud to have finished the puzzle.  He asked if he could work another one right then, but it was after 11 pm and time for everyone to head to bed. He looked disappointed until I told him he could come in anytime and work the puzzles.  

I thank each and everyone of you who made this moment possible for Martin!  While sitting there with him I thought of all the people back home who had a part in gathering the items on our ministry wish list, getting them to Steve, the team leader, to the team who, packed and re packed the abundance that was given.  Your support of us, be it prayerful, financial or  purchasing supplies for us IS having a very tangible impact here! 

Thank you for the privilege of having a front row seat to encourage Marin and see the moment when it "clicked" for him as he put the last peice of the puzzle in place. 

Be encouraged...


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