Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Traffic jam Jinja Style!

Going home this evening, around 6 pm,  hit a worse than typical traffic jam at the first round about heading out of Jinja to cross the bridge .  The problem appeared to be a minor collision between 2 taxies.  The drivers and various onlookers were arguing and would not clear the vehicles off to the side of the two lane road.  The pictures really don't do the mayhem justice.  Off to the left is a field of taxies and cars trying to cut the line and get 20 feet ahead... Cars, boda bodas, heavy trucks and taxies all trying to make their own way.  In the couple of years I have been here it appears that behind the wheel or in a queue it is all about the me first mentality.  

Sigh... Oh Uganda... Patience is a constant lesson here. 

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