Saturday, September 14, 2013

You know.... the wife of Uncle Tom

So... in the states I was a social butterfly... I never met a stranger...knew lots of people at church, out in public was always running into people I knew....  Tom on the other hand is more introverted and not a social butterfly. So when Tom would introduce himself, the response would often be... Oh your Sharon's husband.  

 The other day I was looking for Jennifer, our kitchen manager to borrow some items needed for refreshments at the women’s conference.  I went to the main kitchen to ask if she was there, I was directed to the administrative building, only to find out that she was not there.  Walking back to the kitchen, I began talking to another missionary when I saw Jennifer walking towards me.  She told me she knew to look for me, when asked how she knew...  she said she  was told by one of the kitchen workers that... 

“A mzungu lady was looking for you”...  (mzungu is a word that they use to refer to a white person, it is not derogatory and there are 7 of us to choose from...)

“Which one..?”

“You know... the one that is Uncle Tom’s wife...”

I was thankful that Tom’s name is known and mine is not!  I am blessed to be his wife.

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  1. Hahahaha! This is how Ed was there too! It was crazy....he is the reserved one here too. :) Love you! Love all these blog posts! XOXOXOXOXOOX