Saturday, September 14, 2013

Welcome to the family...

Welcome to the family....

Since we arrived on April 24, GSF has welcomed 10 children in to the family.  Many of you ask why or how the children come to be with us here.  The reasons are wide and varied.  

Some children come to our attention through the Buikwe District probation officer, they are kind of like a social worker.  The probation officer investigates allegations of abuse, neglect or instances of families unable to care for the children.  Occasionally we will hear about children in need through concerned village neighbors.  Local hospitals will notify us of children in need of temporary or long term care due to severe malnutrition or illness and about children who are abandoned by parents or relatives at the hospital.  Some children come from random people showing up at our clinic, that have heard about GSF and are desperately in need of help.

Our most recent addition to the family is Alex about 2 weeks ago.  He presented in our clinic and was very malnourished and sick.  We took him to Buikwe Hospital until he was strong enough to return to our care.  He is finally beginning to smile, feeling comfortable and we are seeing glimpses of his personality. 

Tom and I are thankful that we are a part of God’s plan for these children’s lives.  Please pray with us for the children of GSF, how we can impact them for Christ, care for their basic needs and help raise them to be God honoring children.  

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