Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Wonder of a Wind Chime


How often do we take things for granted, they are just a natural part of “our” world.  One day shortly after we arrive and had unpacked some of our things... I heard the soft giggles of children and Ahhhs of wonder.  I walked out on our back veranda and there were a few children and adults gathered around the wind chime we brought from the U.S.  

Bobbie & Mimi... “Auntie Sharon... what is this?”  ( I wish you could hear the accent, it would make this story so much better)

I kneel down to look them in the eye and say “ it is called a wind chime.”    

“Do you know what a wind chime is?”  

eyes wide ... Bobbie & Mimi... “No”

“Well, see this piece of wood at the end of this string.... and this round one in the middle...? When the wind blows it makes the wood move and strike the tubes and it makes sounds”

Bobbie... “it makes music!”

The children spent some time gently touching the piece of wood to make it chime then dashing away laughing and saying joyfully... “it makes music by itself!”  

Truth be told the adults liked it just as much as the kids, I saw several of the maintenance workers and our wonderful house helpers standing and looking at it, chatting and smiling when it would sound.  

 God provides so many ways for us to be awed and amazed by His creation.   Look for wonder and amazement in your day with the eyes of a child!



  1. I love this so much....and this story made me miss you more!

  2. Beautiful... Speechless god bless you both