Monday, May 6, 2013

One week under our belt! 5.2.13

God is amazing! Daily we are learning our dependance upon Him!

Well we made it through our 1st 8 days on Ugandan soil!
It is evening and we are sitting here listening to the crickets and the hyrax screaming in the valley.  It is a very interesting sound the hyrax makes, it sounds like a woman screaming or in great distress.  It is a nocturnal animal and the call (aka scream) is it's way of defining it's territory. It could freak you out if you were not informed of what to expect at night… 

We are settling in and trying to adjust to the new time zone.    We went to church at the local village church our 1st Sunday 4/28, where both the missionaries, older children, aunties/house moms, other workers and people from 3 or 4 of the surrounding villages attend. It is a small brick "building" about 16x30, with hard dirt floor.  There were at least 50 adults there today and many children.  It was very interesting that the teaching today was basically the same topic that Pastor Chris Lewis (Westover Church) spoke about a few Sunday's ago; being a disciple of Chris.  It was wonderful to worship God in multiple languages.  We had a great lunch of Uganda style burritos at Claudia's house after church with home made cranberry walnut  cookies for desert. YUMMY!  

We are working on learning names, many of their names are so lovely, like "Prossey" pronounced like rosy with a P or Miracle.  Some of the children are so small yet have such grown up names like Ivan..  :)   

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