Monday, May 6, 2013

I only see...

May 4
I only see a small fragment of the picture...

Sixteen month old Baby Maria died during the night.  Tom and I only met her once since arriving at GSF and my first impression was that she was so tiny, with a head to large for her frail neck to support.  Baby Maria came to GSF  in crisis; weak, sick, malnourished. Through testing it was discovered that Maria had sever tuberculosis.  She had been kept in isolation while receiving treatment for her TB and seemed to be improving.  Early this week we were told she had contracted malaria.  She was taken to Rippon clinic in Jinja, then transferred to another hospital that could administer oxygen because her breathing was so bad.  She was well cared for by Nurse Dana (an AIM nurse from PA) and a national nurse named Ruth, Dr. Debbie.  She also had round the clock care by Auntie Harriet.  You see when you are taken to the hospital your family or friends are expected to stay and provide a major portion of your care.  They also are expect to provide food and often times basic supplies.

Life here is very real and raw at times.  We want to ask the question why?  Why was she allowed to be so sick? Why was her life so hard?  Why was her life so short?  I do know that I only see a small part of the picture, when God sees the whole of it.  I believe and trust that God is sovereign and He has a plan and purpose for everything.  I believe and trust that God does use tough, tragic, raw situations for His glory.  We may not see the fruit from the seeds that were planted as result of the interactions between those who believe God and his word and those who do not.  

Pray that our daily interactions will bring honor and glory to God.  That our daily actions and interactions would be a light that draws people to God.  


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