Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I must admit to a lot of excitement as we prepare to serve at GSF.  I must also admit to some trepidation, there is so much to be done...  but I know I can count on the promises of God.  He will accomplish His plans for us.

He has promised..

  • that He has a plan for me.. Jeremiah 29:11  
  • that He has a planned purpose for me... Ephesians 2:10, Psalm 138:8, Rms 8:28
  • that He will be with me... John 14:16, 18
  • that He will be my strength... Psalm 18:32, 46:1,
  • that He will teach and grow me... Psalm 32:8, 143:10, John 14:26
  • that He will give me the power to accomplish His work... 2 Tim 1:7
  • that He values me... Luke 12:6-7, 139:13-16
  • that He will never leave me or forsake me... Deut 31:6,8 
  • that He will be the lamp to my feet and direct my steps.... Ps 119:105, Prov 16:9,
  • that He hears me...Psalm 5:1-3, Jeremiah 33:3
  • that He brings peace to my heart that is beyond understanding... John 14:27, Phil 4:7
  • that He loves me... John 3:16, Rms 5:8
Consider these promises... they are not just for me but for you as well.


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